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Lara Weinberg

Lara Weinberg is a pun-loving wordsmith and communications consultant with eclectic experience in entertainment, marketing, and media. Born and bred in NYC, Lara studied Literature & Rhetoric at SUNY-Binghamton and went on to associate produce “The Writing Code” a critically acclaimed, three-part PBS series on the origin, history and art of writing. She is the former managing director of MGTN, a nonprofit leadership and career transition organization, and was the Director of Sales and Business Development for ShadowTV.

In May 2020, despite being stoopless in the city, this ground-floor apartment dweller was enlisted to create content for Stoop Stories. Channeling her COVID blues into heartfelt storytelling, Lara is proud to edit prose, contribute original pieces, and craft stories that honor her fellow New Yorkers. When she’s not scouting stoops, you’ll find her flexing her greenish thumb, pruning her pandemic avocado pit plant collection.

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