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Omar Ba

Audio/Video Producer

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Omar Ba is a community driven audio/video producer.  Mr. Ba focuses on preserving the authentic culture and voices of Brooklyn through storytelling and visual presentation.  After receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Audio/Radio Production, Omar independently created his very own short film and (self produced) 6 track EP in Brooklyn. 

This inspired his independent passion and drive for video content and audio production.  After performing in LA, Ba was determined to make it in the audio field. Returning to NYC, Ba hopped around Brooklyn living in Williamsburg and Bed Stuy.  He officially became a member at BRIC in 2022 and produces his very first podcast called Where’s Brooklyn At released in June 2023. 

He promotes his love for water and recommends you drink it.  You can stay up to date with @wherebrooklynatpodcast follow Omar @Ab_ramo on Instagram.

Omar Ba
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